Can a Small Business Use Order Fulfillment?

When you outsource your shipping and order fulfillment department, your inventory is held in your shipping partner’s warehouse. The 3PL company (third-party logistics) takes care of picking, packaging and shipping your orders. But is that solution right for everyone? Is it only large companies that can benefit from outsourcing?

The fact is that companies of almost all sizes can benefit from outsourcing their order fulfillment department, and small and medium companies can benefit even more, all else being equal.

Think about it: if your company typically ships between 10 and 20 orders a day, and that a few times a month you may have to ship 50 in one day, then you MUST have the capacity to ship 50 a day, every day! You must have the staff, facilities and equipment to service all your customers on your busiest day, which means that the rest of the month, a good proportion of your shipping capacity sits idle. The same is true for very large companies, of course, but the proportions are usually smaller.

Small businesses should consider outsourcing their order fulfillment department as soon as they are getting ready to hire full-time staff exclusively for it. This allows them to make a transition to outsourced shipping when the company is still small, so it’s simpler, while immediately capping the growth of overhead.

Smaller businesses can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the selection and number of Canadian order fulfillment companies.

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