Quick Fulfillment FAQ

Is order fulfillment expensive?

Not really. Please refer to our costs and fees page for more information. If you compare order fulfillment with the cost of pure shipping, it certainly is more expensive, but for the immense majority of companies, order fulfillment fees, when added up, pale in comparison to the cost of maintaining a working in-house shipping department, with storage costs, heating (or cooling) and staff.

Won’t I lose control of my inventory?

Most modern order fulfillment companies offer web-based control panels, from which you can check your stock, re-arrange products, and more. You can also order physical spot-checks of your inventory.

Are the products I sell appropriate for order fulfillment?

No matter what you sell, the odds are excellent that there’s a Canadian fulfillment company that can expertly fulfill your needs in that regards. Please refer to our Industries Served page, or simply fill out a Quote Request form, specifying your industry.

Doesn’t it just add work for me?

In the beginning, you may feel that you’re doing the work twice, as you check up on every order, at every step of the process. Once you are comfortable that your fulfillment partner is performing to your standards, you will have a LOT more time to concentrate on the profitable part of the business, which is finding new customers and selling!

What if I have special / last minute orders?

Most companies will be able to include last minute orders or special orders with the day’s shipment; every company has a specific cut-off time after which orders received go out the next day. In most cases, it’s just a matter of picking up the phone to talk to your account representatives; they’ll be happy to help!

Will the packaging be done up to my standards?

It will, or even better. Remember that pick-and-pack companies do nothing but order fulfillment, and their business depends on you, and your customers being happy. Rest assured that your orders will be packaged with just as much care as if you were doing it yourself. Probably better.