What Makes the Best Order Fulfillment Company?

Trying to find out what’s the best of anything is always up to interpretation; it depends entirely on what you need, and what you value the most. That being said, there are some common factors to order fulfillment that will weigh more, or less in the equation depending on your needs. We can help you find the Canadian order fulfillment or drop-shipping company that meets your needs to a tee.

Price – While most order fulfillment companies will have a similar pricing structure, some will be more flexible than others, or give you some extras. Getting the best price possible is always important, but make sure to take into account all the extra fees (storage, receiving, etc.) in your calculations. Check out our 3PL costs page for more information.

Customer Service – Customer service is crucial, particularly if you are just starting out. A company with a great customer service reputation will make things a lot easier for you, allowing you to reach a dedicated account manager directly and answering your emails promptly. If your 3PL offers you quality customer service, you can bet they do the same with your customers, increasing customer satisfaction.

Location – Where your Canadian order fulfillment center is located can have a significant impact on the shipping costs you will have to pay, both to get your products to the 3PL and to have them shipped to your customers. Finding a company that’s in the ‘sweet spot’, so to speak, can save both you and your customers a lot of money.

Technology – Dealing with a 3PL company that’s at the cutting edge of technology is important, particularly for ecommerce retailers, who value shopping cart integration and fast order processing.

Experience – There’s really no substitute for experience. An experienced 3PL will be more adept at finding solutions to issues that come up, and can advise you on order fulfillment best practices you may not have been aware of.

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