Improving Customer Satisfaction

The benefits and advantages of delegating your order fulfillment and shipping department to an outside company are many; most, of course have to do with the significant financial advantages of doing so, such as lower shipping fees, massively reduced overhead, reduced storage costs and more.

Time and money are the essence of any business, and through outsourcing, you save both. This can allow you to concentrate your energies doing what you are good at, which is innovating, developing new products and searching for new markets and new customers, while leaving the tedious but necessary task of shipping your products to professionals.

Think about it; the odds are good that you didn’t go in business because you wanted to operate a massive shipping warehouse! You pay attention to your shipping department because in many cases, it is the only physical connection you have with your customers, and it’s too important to ignore.

“By outsourcing your order fulfillment department to a qualified 3PL company, you put it in the hands of professionals who have a vested interest in your success.”

In addition to helping you save time and money, your 3PL partner has another advantage: he can help increase your customer satisfaction, and loyalty!

Shopping cart integration and warehouse location are at the core of this competitive advantage: integration means faster, more accurate order processing than ever before, and by having a warehouse close to your customers, shipping time and costs are reduced.

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